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Leaks and Blockages - General Plumbing Needs

Got a slow drain, leaks, a clog or a running toilet? We can take care of all your general plumbing needs.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

We do everything from simple replacements of taps & fittings to complete renovations.

Water Piping Repair & Installations

Installation of new plumbing, or replacement of existing water pipes that may have burst, are leaking or damaged.

Repair & Replace Fixtures

Simple leaks at the connections of your kitchen or bathroom fixtures can be quickly and easily repaired.


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Frequent Plumbing Issues and Repairs

Looking for a plumber in north Brisbane?

Top Choice Plumbing is located on the Northside of Brisbane. We're a family owned business providing you with all your plumbing needs. Anything from leaky taps & hot water systems through to renovations & plumbing installations for new homes.

Weekend plumbers rates and callout cost?

Our rates for Saturday & Sunday is $200 for the callout including the first hours, and $100 an hour after that. The cost of a weekend plumber is higher but gives you the convenience of having your issue fixed right away and without interruption to your usual working week schedule.

How much does an after hours emergency plumber cost?

We offer an emergency plumbing service for After Hours and on the Weekends. The cost of our after hours callout and the first hours is $200, there after is $100 per hour. We keep a wide range of equipment and parts on hand so we can fix your issues there and then! And your not going to be paying for multiple callout fees.

What to do when you have a burst pipe?

First, switch off the water meter which will be located out the front of your dwelling near the footpath, this will stop the water flow. Next, call Top Choice Plumbing to come over and fix the problem. We're available 24/7 for any of your plumbing needs.

How much does it cost to replace a burst pipe?

Assessing the situation and finding the cause of the leak is the first step. Top Choice Plumbing carries most pipe adaptors and fittings in the vans. It's then up to the plumber to promptly fix the leak.
For a burst pipe approximately 1 hours is needed to both locate and fix the pipe. The cost is around $150 including the call out fee, as for after hours and weekends our call out fee & the first hours is $200.

How much does it cost to fix a leaking pipe?

There is a chance that if it's an older house many plumbers used compression fittings and over time they can produce leaks. Also if it is an old steel pipe they tend to rust from the inside out. All of these situations need to be taken into consideration when looking to fix a leaking pipe.
So depending on where and what is the cause for the leaking pipe it's roughly around $120 to fix.

How do you clean a slow draining kitchen sink?

A lot of the time it is the S bend that is clogged with debris under the kitchen sink which is causing the trouble. Disconnection of the S bend can be tried. This can be extremely messy! towels and buckets will be required.
If the S bend is clear and the slow draining continues a plumber will need to be called to detect where the blockage is down the line of the pipe.

What is the best way to fix a blocked drain?

A plumber will put an electric eel down the pipe to unblock the debris, then using an inspection camera the plumber will find out the location of the pipe that is blocked or broken. If the pipe is broken it will need to be dug up and that section will need to be replaced to let water flow freely again.

Whats involved in fixing a toilet thats always running water into the bowl?

If the toilet water is running into the bowl, the outlet rubber from the cistern (the place where the water is stored) is usually damaged or warn and needs replacing. Top Choice Plumbing has all of these fitings on hand and will replace the parts.